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The margin of error for businesses measuring their carbon footprint, which won’t be sufficient for monitoring emissions accurately.

Ecofye's real-time emissions tracking reduces the margin of error, providing accurate insights that allow you to instantly take action.

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Through seamless integration, we guarantee the collection of emissions data with unmatched accuracy. We ensure your company receives up-to-minute and reliable ESG reporting across Scope 1, 2, and 3.
This means businesses can trust their emission data without common inaccuracies.



Set targets

Discuss your sustainability goals and set targets through a discovery call with the Ecofye team.

Tailor metrics

Monitor your impact by defining which metrics you would like to measure and improve on.

Connect operations

We connect our technology to your company’s operations through our API and IoT sensors.

Real-time monitoring

Your team can access accurate data of your company’s GHG emissions in real time.


Ecofye collects emissions data directly from the source, reducing the time and effort needed from your end.
The average margin of error of measured carbon footprint is 40%. With Ecofye, this number is reduced to 2%.
Don’t wait until the end of the year for your carbon footprint metrics. Actively monitor your emissions in real time.

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